About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world in the way software projects are managed. The new dawn in software project management will result in healthier and more rapid software development.  We will accomplish this through the promotion and advancement of software value techniques and philosophies.

Our philosophy is based on:

  • Group reflection
  • Intensive primary research
  • Constant feedback

Our Service

We are singularly focused; our Value Portfolio Optimization and Management Service provide for on-going management and optimization of your software project portfolio. Our Value Portfolio Optimization and Management Service helps you manage your software project portfolio to greatly improve your return on investment.

Our process is:

  • Rapid & simple
  • Comprehensive
  • Comprehendible

Our Company

The Standish Group is a primary research advisory organization that focuses on software project performance. Using our extensive primary research you can improve your investments in software projects.  We are a group of highly dedicated professionals with years of practical experience helping organizations improve.

Our skills help you be more:

  • Innovative
  • Valuable
  • Predictable

Our History

The Standish Group was formed in 1985 with a vision of innovating group refection using case-based reasoning techniques. We do this in order to profile your projects and environments against thousands of cases to deliver more precise advice based on collective wisdom. For over 30 years The Standish Group has been researching and providing advice on how to increase the value of software investments.

We do this through our 3 unique items:

  • Research database of 50,000 projects
  • Patented optimization formula
  • Our insight into a broad set of projects


For more information about our organization and our services, please e-mail Jennifer Lynch:


We look forward to serving you!