Executive Sponsor Mentored Course

Executive Sponsor Mentored Course

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The Executive Sponsor Mentored Course: is designed for improve the skills of executives to successfully sponsor software and technical projects. The course is also perfect for PMO executives to influence executive sponsors and help aid project managers. The Executive Sponsor Mentored Course can also improve the skills of the project manager and other project professionals. The course is a slow-paced structured program managed by a professional mentor/professor. This course is optimized for retention. The course is accomplished in 12-lessons 7-part nanolessons at your pace.  Each of the first 6 nanolessons is accomplished in 4-steps:

  • Step 1: 20-minute lesson
  • Step 2: 5-hour observation period
  • Step 3: 25-word feedback
  • Step 4: Mentor advice and approval. 

On the 7thnanolesson you will have a 10 to 15-minute conversation with your mentor and write a 100 to 200 words overview on what you have learned. The overview must be approved by your mentor.  The first and last lessons include the appraisal and benchmark. The course for the sponsor provides in-depth understandings of the principles and skills of a good sponsor and how you stack up. The benefits of the Executive Sponsor Mentored Course for a sponsor are:

  • Acquisition of good sponsor habits
  • High retention of project sponsor skills
  • Confidence in your ability to sponsor projects.

The course will take a minimum of half hour per day over 84 days (estimated 50 hours).